Embroidery One Byte at a Time 3--September 11, 2024




Break your digitizing software out of the box, pack your laptop and join us for this third class in our new series--Embroidery One Byte at a Time.  

Our September class begins with an review of lessons 1 and 2 in Brother PE Design 11 and Baby Lock Palette 11. This class will add to your skills with these:

  • Editing vector points
  • Reshaping outlines for curves
  • Decorative fills vs Programmable fills vs motifs
  • Correct paths for adding Brother and Baby Lock decorative fills and motifs

Presto digitation!  You'll soon master turning images into machine embroidery.

We'll use Nancy Halvorsen's Mistletoe Crossing book for this series, focusing on the Merry Christmas Santa for September.  Students must have PE Design 11 or Palette 11 software loaded on their laptops.  ScanNCut machines are optional.  

Sign up for the digitizing class and receive a code for the follow up stitch out class September 14--for free!